What’s Rebel Labs, Anyway?

We look at obstacles and see opportunities. We don’t push limits; we redefine them. We take risks, run trial after trial, combine seemingly disparate pieces in unexpected ways, and above all, look for that “eureka!” moment.

Hypothesis: Innovation Rises To The Top

That’s how we approach every project and we’ve never been wrong yet.

Materials & Methods

Our team combines technical skills, marketing expertise and a splash of creativity to create powerful and flexible solutions. Here’s how it works:


Just as every lock has a key, every problem has a solution. But the right solution is often unexpected. We get a bunch of brilliant (and quirky) minds in a room and come up with as many ideas as we can. Nothing is too off-the-wall to be worth a second look.


Once we settle on an idea or three, we get to work running trials, adding and removing features, testing and scribbling down our results. There’s a method to our madness: every test brings us one step closer to a breakthrough. (Lab coats are optional.)


We never create something that’s only good for one thing. Every tool we create can be scaled up and down; modified and fully customized to meet any organization’s needs. We mix and match parts to create even better solutions.

Data & Results

Experiment 444: Halo

  • Robust automatic landing page-builder
  • Aggregates and rapidly retrieves materials
  • Back-end customization and “self-service” front end

Experiment 314: Spin Wheel

  • Fully customized gamification tool
  • Internal and external applications
  • Easy fulfillment integration

Experiment 650: MUMI

  • Turns mobile phones into response devices
  • Gaming and polling applications
  • Gathers and stores data for easy retrieval

Experiment 937: StarMax

  • Robust reputation management system
  • Easily handles customer feedback
  • Fully customizable user experience