Making a strong first impression starts a relationship on a positive note. One of the most powerful ways to make such an impression is being prepared with relevant, timely and valuable information. How can an individual or business prepare to make that strong impression in unpredictable situations?


A tool that aggregates and quickly recalls and sends information can be leveraged to appear prepared in any situation, creating a “halo” of superior responsiveness and quality of service.

Materials and Methods:

  • Library of documents organized for rapid retrieval
  • User-friendly interface that allows quick customization
  • Automatic customized landing page-builder
  • Icons or other graphical representations of information
  • Tracking system that reports when documents have been opened or viewed

Data and Results:

The Halo tool is a robust, fully customizable landing page-builder that presents content in a format tailor-made for specific audiences. Halo allows back-end users to rapidly pull together custom landing pages in real time based on audience questions and feedback. We’ve also created a “self-service” version that automatically builds a custom landing page for a front-end user who fills out a contact form.

  • Halo can be used internally or externally.
  • Custom pages can be built for a single individual, distributed to an entire mass email list or anything in between.
  • The tool monitors and reports what each recipient has viewed, creating opportunities for fine-tuned follow-up.
  • This fully white-label solution can be customized with an organization’s branding.


Halo can be utilized in any situation that requires quick, customizable presentation of documents, including sales, marketing, training, compliance, and HR. The automated landing page-builder is robust and can be customized for a broad range of applications. The built-in accountability system, which tracks documents that have been opened and viewed, is key to building strong professional relationships.

Suggested applications include but are not limited to: trade shows and events, business lunches and meetings, sales pitches, internal events, email newsletters, and IT.

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