SEO, Made Smarter

Purpose: Create a tool that can efficiently filter, categorize and analyze keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and other purposes.


The keyword tagging engine (working name) has its origins in Rebel’s work with a major e-commerce client. Running SEO for a site with tens of thousands of product pages in hundreds of categories is no small task, and because of the nature of this company’s business, properly targeting even a seemingly minor keyword can be worth substantial amounts of revenue.

The intent behind the tagging engine is to automate tasks that were formerly done manually by an SEO specialist, applying rules and algorithms based on user intent and industry knowledge to create a robust tagging, categorizing and filtering system.

What It Does

The keyword tagging engine functions as an extension of the SEO specialist’s knowledge and expertise, taking industry-specific and user intent-based insights and generalizing them across thousands of keywords.

  • Implements rules that automatically categorize keywords—instead of reviewing thousands of keywords manually, the operator simply designates a relatively small number of categories and lets the tool do the heavy lifting.
  • Takes into account key metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click (CPC) and competitor data.
  • Easily exports data into visual representations (e.g. charts and graphs) for internal or external presentations.

The keyword tagging engine is actively running in beta and remains under development at Rebel Labs.